Other features

Copy files

Copy files to another location after file listing, also has a advanced copying module where files with one or more specific status can be copied. This and all other features are described in depth in the help functions within the program.

Folder security problems

The best way is to avoid security setting completely is by using data recovery software to extract the data from the clone drive directly to the return media. As long as the recovery software settings ignore security and other file attributes, all the data will be accessible. Then make the file list from the return media. This is only necessary on drives formatted with NTFS and ReFS as FAT/FAT32/ExFAT based volumes do not have any security features.

If you do need to change security, for example with storage spaces, then being able to access the folders locked with security settings is important when recovering customers data. The secured folders will need the settings changing on them otherwise the folders will not be accessible.

One of the first thing that happens during the generation of a file list is; all of the folders are checked for access rights. This highlights folders that may be secured and folders that are corrupt. Because of the importance of this stage (without which critical files could be missed), a network alert can be sent out indicating that there are problems in folders immediately after the folder scan so the administrator can change ownership of the folders, it is recommended to use recovery software to copy to another media to avoid locked folders completely.

For the majority of jobs, the folder testing process usually takes only a few minutes, often much less, and can save hours manually searching for corrupt and secure folders that may otherwise get missed.

Built in Zipping of File lists.

The software also has built-in zipping functionality, that enables automatic zipping of files lists ready for archiving and sending to customers along with the file list viewer.

Along with file lists, other items can be added to the zip file, such as terms and conditions, invoices, etc.


Import and export settings

When you are using multiple computers with our software installed, you can export the settings from one computer so that it can be imported to all other computers making multiple computer setups simple and straightforward.

From the settings menu you can choose to either import from a shared folder or export the current settings. It is also possible to export the entire header database, the skip list and common headers database so that all computers are using exactly the same data resulting with consistency. When using shared databases, whenever a file header is changed, all other computers are updated the next time the software is run.