File Listing Software

Our flagship software, used by hundreds of data recovery companies all over the world.

The purpose of this software is to automatically test the quality of files after data recovery. This is achieved by comparing the header contents of each file against a database of known content. Once the entire drive is tested - at speeds often exceeding 10,000 files per minute - a network message can be sent to the recovery engineer so that they know the job is ready for the next stage in the process.

When a file list is complete, you can present this to your customer in a readable format using the viewer component of the software. The customer will then be able to browse through the folders and files at ease and see the quality of the recovery for themselves. The viewer software is completely anonymous and you can even set it so that it displays your company name when the customer loads their file list. Our latest version supports HTML file lists so that file lists can be generated for users with MAC computer and other non PC users.

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The software has many features to help, it can check for bad sectors, use skip lists so it doesnt waste time checking files like pagefile.sys or inode123456.dat etc. Download a fully functional demo and try the software for yourself. Download